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The West Geauga Athletic Booster Club is organized to support, assist and enhance the lives of WG student athletes. WGAB members aid in interscholastic success for MS and HS athletes while promoting sportsmanship, citizenship and academic excellence. WGAB supports ALL West Geauga sports teams!

WGAB is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 
All donations are tax deductible to the 
fullest extent of the law.

Our Accomplishments for

the 2017-18 Year

•  New uniforms for the MS Wrestling team

•  Helped pay for new bleacher seats for the

   tennis courts

•  New uniforms for the HS Volleyball team

•  Helped pay for the pool fees for the Swim Team

•  New water bottles for the Swim Team

•  Paid for new stat program for Girls Basketball

•  Donated clothing racks to the Drama Club

•  Helped pay for new uniforms for HS Football

•  Paid for new uniforms for HS Girls Softball

Stay tuned for more!


Order Bada-Bing! and help support

West Geauga students!

1st Monday of every month: WG After Prom

1st Tuesday of every month: WGAB MS Sports

2nd Wednesday of every month: WG Band Boosters

4th Tuesday of every month: WG HS Girls Soccer

Bada Bing! generously donates a portion of their sales on promo days to the West Geauga team/club listed above. 

Click on the Bada Bing Logo to order or

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17-18 WGAB Meeting Schedule

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